Louis Santos in his tattoo studio in leeds

Louis Santos

Hi, my name is Louis Santos. I was born and raised in Brazil where my passion for art grew from a very young age. I used to love reading comic books and I used to draw my own characters inspired by Frank Frazetta. I used to sit for hours and draw my own superheros and villains inspired by video games and comics, letting my imagination run wild.

At the age of 14 I got into heavy metal and rock music, which in turn got me interested in tattoos. Ever since then it has been my passion as well as my job – there is no limit to what I can create which is why I love art. Over the years I’ve developed as an artist and a tattooist, being inspired mainly by Kevin “Butch” Johnson and Miguel Escrich.

After years of blood, sweat and tears I now have my own private tattoo studio above the amazing Bad Apples bar in Leeds City Centre. I believe in focusing on every client as much as I can. I’ve worked in public tattoo shops but I was unable to express my creativity and above all concentrate on each client individually.

Louis Santos Tattoo

  • Above Bad Apples Bar (3rd floor)
  • 7 Call Lane, Leeds, LS1 7DH
  • Phone: +44 (0)78 038 75713
  • Email: